Storing Firearms Legally And Safely In Your Home

Gun owners in Perth and Western Australia are required by law to store their firearms in a secure safe accordance with Schedule 4 of the Firearms Regulation 1974 for the safe storage of firearms and ammunition, rules that everyone who owns a firearm, whether a pistol, revolver or rifle, should be familiar with.

These regulations have been put in place to protect children and other non-licensed firearm users from accessing dangerous weapons, but they’re also designed for firearm theft prevention purposes, as many guns have made their way into the hands of criminals after being stolen from the homes of gun owners. According to a report in PerthNow in July 2016, over the previous two years almost 1,000 firearms were stolen in Western Australia, which is an average of about 10 per week.

This isn’t only a concern for public safety, but also the investments that gun enthusiasts have made in quality firearms, after all, these firearms can cost thousands of dollars, making a high-quality gun safe from Action Lock a wise investment, one which protects your firearms as well as your family.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that firearm thefts occur across all areas of Perth, including upmarket suburbs like Dalkeith and Floreat as well as high-crime areas such as Midvale and Burswood, with most firearm thefts in Perth and Western Australia believed by police to be opportunistic rather than intentional. That means regardless of where you live and what your home security arrangements are like, a quality gun safe that meets the latest regulations is essential. Don’t forget what’s potentially at stake here.

Penalties for the Incorrect Storage of Firearms and Ammunition

Along with having your firearms seized by the police if you fail to store them correctly, there are heavy penalties given to gunowners who breach firearm and ammunition storage regulations. Police regularly conduct door-to-door investigations across Perth suburbs, knocking on the door of licensed firearm owners to check that they’re storing firearms and ammunition in accordance with the law. If you aren’t storing your firearms legally, you may lose your guns and cop a fine in excess of $2,000.

Gun Safes by Action Lock

As a leading locksmith in Perth, Action Lock supplies, installs and repairs a broad range of safes, including firearm and ammunition safes that meet the stringent regulations as outlined in Schedule 4 of the Firearms Regulation 1974. We have gun safes for all pistols, revolvers and rifle types, with a wide range of optional features available to help you store your firearms legally, safely and in style.

Our gun safe experts can advise you on your firearm storage requirements and recommend a gun safe (or a variety of gun safes, as we supply a wide range) that enables you to store your guns legally and protect them from criminals as well as fires and natural disasters, like flooding, for instance.

Whether you already possess a gun safe and you’d like to upgrade it or you’re in the process of applying for a firearms license and need a gun safe to ensure you meet the strict gun laws here in Western Australia, Action Lock can supply and install a new gun safe to help you avoid the heavy penalties for breaching firearm and ammunition storage regulations and keep your guns safely away from children and other unauthorised users, as well as criminals in the event of a break in.

To learn more about the gun safes we supply and install, along with the related services that we provide, including cutting new keys and upgrading locks to digital keypads to enhance safety and security, please don’t hesitate to contact Action Lock, Perth’s leading supplier of quality gun safes.