What is an Anti-Snap Lock?

What is an Anti-Snap Lock?

While most homeowners worry about home security now and again, not many of them could tell you what kind of lock they have on the door. However, your lock is important, and can mean the difference between a burglar targeting your home or not bothering to try. That’s because some common types of lock are easier to break into than others. A common technique is called lock snapping, and is used on doors and windows with a standard cylinder lock, which is most UPVC units. The intruder breaks the cylinder, and can then manipulate the lock to open. Even if the cylinder has multiple locking points, breaking it makes the lock worthless. So, could anti-snap locks be a better way of protecting your home?

How do anti-snap locks work?

Anti-snap locks resist snapping techniques because they have a reinforced bar, making it almost impossible to break the cylinder. Anti-snap locks often come with a star rating, so the higher it is, the harder it’ll be to use snapping techniques. If you speak to a locksmith in Perth, they’ll be able to advise on the best type of lock to suit your budget and to fit your doors.

Why is snapping so widespread?

Snapping is becoming a big problem across the world. In some areas, up to a quarter of burglaries are carried out through lock snapping, meaning thieves have literally walked in through the front door. This is because:

Lock snapping is quiet – breaking windows is likely to attract unwanted attention
It can be done subtly – neighbours are unlikely to pay attention to someone at the front door
No special tools are needed – there’s no need to risk buying specialist lock-picking tools, most lock snappers can use their own toolkit
It’s fast – lock snapping can be carried out in seconds
Many locks are the same – experienced burglars can spot a vulnerable lock from a mile away

That’s why it’s so important to think about whether your home could be vulnerable, and to fit anti-snap locks before a burglary occurs.

UPVC doors

The locks that are most vulnerable to snapping are those found on UPVC doors. Cheap to install, these doors usually come out of the factory with the most basic type of lock installed, and rarely have any additional security features. However, most people assume that they are secure and hard to break into. Unfortunately, burglars will often know which kind of doors are fitted with these basic locks, so it’s important to get extra protection. Call a locksmith in Perth when you’ve had a new door installed. They can easily fit an anti-snap lock, giving you peace of mind. You can also add extra security features, such as window jammers, or door handle locks for UPVC double doors.

If you are interested in having anti-snap or any other type of lock installed, call Action Lock of Perth, WA on 08 9540 0843. Our residential locksmiths can help you get the right kind of locks to suit your needs.