6 Tricks to Never Getting Locked Out Again (and 1 easy step if you still do)

6 Tricks to Never Getting Locked Out Again (and 1 easy step if you still do)

There is no feeling worse than getting locked out of your house. Pulling up in the taxi after a big night out, or even just popping outside real quick to collect the mail, and them fumbling in your pockets for a set of keys only to realise you’ve locked your keys inside the house!

It’s heartbreaking and dangerous! The important thing is don’t panic.

An emergency 24/7 mobile locksmith like Action Lock Service just a phone call away! But while you wait, check out these 6 clever tricks to ensure you never get locked out again (and 1 easy step if you still do).


1. Hide a spare key in a secret rock!

In days gone by your parents may have hidden a spare key outside under the doormat ­ but that trick is so obvious it’s actually a dangerous risk! Step up your security and stay safe with this modern twist on the old classic, and hide your spare key under an innocuous rock, pot, shoe, or even fake dog droppings! As long as the item doesn’t look out of place in your front garden, it’s the perfect way to hide your spare key and get you safely inside no matter how forgetful you are.


2. Have replacement keys made regularly

The one issue with hiding a key outside ­ especially in winter ­ is that constant exposure to the elements is not so great for keys. And the last time you want a key to break is when you’re trying to get back into your house! Replacing your keys regularly is a great way to make sure they haven’t been damaged or tampered with, and if you don’t use your spares often to check that they’re even still there!


3. Look after your locks

This one requires a bit more prep work, but the results speak for themselves! It’s not rare at all for old locks to break, or have components rust and become too stiff to function. When you’re stuck with the key spinning in the lock over and over, you’ll be wishing you replaced it before you got locked outside!

A skilled residential locksmith can replace your old locks quickly and easily, as well providing new keys and replacement keys for your convenience.


4. Keep your keys safe in an interior safe

Simply forgetting your keys is the most common reason for getting locked out of your house. We place our keys down somewhere, and when we need to leave, they’re not there!

You may have heard the easy solution to this problem ­ hanging up a key board for easy access. Quick, simple, but ultimately makes the problem worse!

If all your keys are out on display and easy to see for you, they’re also easy to see (and swipe) for any intruders as well.

An interior safe solves both problems at once. Either hidden or in the same place as your typical key board, an interior safe keeps your keys in an easy-­to-­remember __cpLocation while also keeping them secure from thieves. Win­win!

5. Increase outdoor security with an exterior safe

Not comfortable with the ol “under­the­rock” method mentioned above? Go for the more secure option with an exterior safe! Complete with programmable keypad, this secure key storage option will pay for itself the first time you forget your keys. Simply fasten it to an exterior wall (or within your metre box) of your house and save yourself the time, cost and hassle of calling for an emergency locksmith in the middle of the night.


6. Go for the high tech option with programmable locks

It’s pretty hard to forget your keys when you don’t even need them! Forget having to carry your keys around with you entirely and upgrade your house to programmable locks. These high­tech security solutions can be set to a keypad entry or a card swipe ­ anything with an RFID chip can be programmed to open your door. From your smart­rider to your credit card, programmable locks give you personalised security for your home.


Still having trouble? You can always call for an emergency mobile locksmith in Perth. Hindsight may be 20/20, but we all get caught out ­ and locked out ­ from time to time. Your best friend in these situations is an emergency mobile locksmith ­ they can get to your house right when you need them most, and in most cases gain entry to your house without breaking any locks.


Action Lock Services provide 24/7 emergency mobile locksmith services in Perth and are only a phone call away at any time of day to help you get back into the comfort of your own home.